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Countertop Coldstream Ceramic Alkaline Water Filter

  • Twin Countertop Ceramic Alkaline Water Filter
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Portable Benchtop Ceramic Alkaline Water Filter 

30 Day unconditional money back guarantee

This counter top water filter comes with all the connections that you need to hook up to the kitchen tap. Ideal for people looking for a cost effective water filter or for those who are renting. This housing takes a standard 10" x 2.5" cartridge which means that you are free to buy the replacements anywhere you choose. 

Save money in running costs our cartridges last for one year (depending on water supply), enjoy pure water on tap for a fraction of the cost of other systems.

  • Fits on most kitchen taps
  • Housing is certified to Australian Standards and watermark level 1
  • Takes industry standard cartridges
Alkaline Filter Stages
Stage 1
Volcanic Red Clay Ceramic Balls
Infra-red emission and negative ionisation
Removes harmful ions and energises the water
Reduces water molecule or cluster size
Stage 2
Mountain Anti Oxidisation Minerals
Calcined Lime Silicate, Mica and Quartz Compound
Significantly reduces negative ORP
Strong anti-oxidising effect
Stage 3
Granular Magnetic Tourmaline Rock
Softening and conditioning mineral content
Energises water
Further reduces water molecule or cluster size
Stabilises negative ORP generation
Stage 4
Granular Phlogopite Rock
Adds mineral (potassium/magnesium) ions
And alkalises the water
Infra-red emission and negative ionisation
Reduces water molecule or cluster size
Stage 5
White Quartz Ceramic Balls
Strong anti-bacterial function
Mineralises (calcium/magnesium ions)
Alkalises and energises water
Stage 6
Condensed Bio Life Deep Sea Mineral Mix
With Ionised Deep Sea Coral and Porphyries
Mineralises (sodium/potassium)
Significantly increases and stabilises pH level of water to around 8.5 - 9.5
If you need any help with your selection please give one of our water filtration experts a call on 1300 001 752
Robust Australian Standards 3497 approved housing which means that they have been tested to 700 KPA of water pressure over 100,000 times without failure.
Ceramic water filter cartridge can be cleaned using a quality pad such as Scotch Brite.
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  1. Great water filter & afforable too

    Posted by Kate on 4th Jun 2018

    Great water filter, easy to connect & use. Customer service was fantastic, genuinely helpful all the time.
    I recommend them to anyone wanting a bench top filter.